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Tecumseh ignition systems?


Evening, I am looking for information on the various SSI ignition systems used on the tecumseh engines over the years?

I am interested in putting in a 12 volt coil and charging system for electric start on my HM80 generator set.

The engine has the SSI magneto that is just one simple little pack.

Since parts are hard to come by I am interested in parting out a older tecumseh engine setup for 12 volt DC electric start. Either a 6 or 7 HP engine from the 1960's or 1970's. The HM80 did not come with electric start from what I have discovered in my research this far. The tecumseh catalog also does not show any such features for the HM80 engine that I can find.

The only thing I want to avoid is using points and condensor if possible.

I know tecumseh had a system that was needlessly over complicated with a blue wire marked stator that was not connected on engines that did not have the charging stator for the battery. I would like to know more about this as well?

Any good manuals, drawings, schematics, photos?


Ken Karrow

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If I understand your post you have located a 12 v dc starter for your engine and are trying to come up with a battery charging system. If I am correct, why fight the problem, you have a 110 v ac generator connected to the engine. Just put a battery, heavy switch, starter, and cables on the rig and charge the battery with a 1 1/2 or 2 amp battery charger that you plug into the ac when running and unplug just before you shut it off. I ran this was on a troy built genny for a number of years when the battery charging circuit on the engine failed. Less expense and brain damage. In my applicaation the genny was always run for a minimum of 2 hours after being started.