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Tecumseh (Sears Ted Williams) 9.9 HP outboard


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I am trying to restore an old Sears "Ted Williams" (Tecumseh) 9.9 HP model 217.586211 outboard motor. I'm pretty sure both of the transformer assemblies (part 610785A) are bad and am looking for replacements. That one is hard to come by, though, as the only original part I can find for it anywhere is on ebay for $250, and there is only one. I am wondering if anyone knows a suitable replacement that would work for that. I looked on certifiedpartscorp.com and saw two that may work. They are both for solid state ignitions- parts 37395 or 611056. I'm not sure if they would work, though, and am wondering if anyone around here has replaced that particular part on one of these engines. Would one of those work, or is there another option I am missing? Thanks so much!


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I had the unfortunate job of working with those units a long time ago. They were one of the most unreliable, troublesome, and expensive ignition units to work with. Merc-O-Tronic made some special testing equipment just for them and even so, they were still trouble! Depends upon your end goal, but I would proceed with caution.