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To Register as a NEW member on SmokStak:

FIRST: Make certain that your email address is not locked up with spam traps, or at a minimum, know how to look inside your spam or bulk mail folder. (You will be receiving a confirmation email link from our web server to confirm your email address.) See the added post below for information to correct this issue.

SECOND: Click REGISTER (At left side of the upper menu bar. If instead, you see UserCP or SETTINGS there, you are already registered and logged in.) Your date of birth is requested so as to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Children under age 13 are not allowed to register.

THIRD: Agree to all my legal mumbo-jumbo (terms of service) that shouldn't bother you a bit if you really care about SmokStak or Enginads.

FOURTH: We would appreciate it if you would register under your real name. That way, your friends will know you. Enter your User Name. (first name + last name, first name + last initial, first name + state, whatever works for you, but we do prefer your real name.) Use UPPER and lower case letters as appropriate, but no punctuation other than a period.

FIFTH: TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK KEY and enter the password that you want to use. (Do it TWICE so we know you've got it right.) UPPER/lower case matters in passwords, but not in user names.

SIXTH: Enter your EXACT email address. (Know whether you are .com or .net and do it TWICE so we know you've got it right. Email addresses DO NOT begin with www. If you don't get it right, you will never be fully registered and your account will end up being deleted.)

SEVENTH: Enter the LETTERS and NUMBERS off from the security screen. (That way we know you are a human and not a spam robot.)

EIGHTH: Enter your CITY and STATE or CITY and COUNTRY in the Location window. (We really like to know where you are.) Please use the format: City, State USA or City, Province, Country (Spell it out and please use upper and lower case letters.) Fill in other required lines of information.


TENTH: You will receive an EMAIL from the web server. LOOK FOR IT and CLICK ON THE LINK! (Your registration is not complete until you click the email link.)

The confirmation email looks like this:
Thank you for registering for the SmokStak Antique Engine Bulletin Board
forums. Before we can activate your account one last step must be taken to
complete your registration!

Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered
member. You will only need to click on the link once, and your account will
be updated.

To complete your registration, click on the link below: (not this one -
the one in YOUR email)
http : / /www.smokstak.com/forum/register.php?a=act&u=xxx&i=yournumberhere
THAT'S IT! After a moderator's approval, you should receive a welcome letter and you can log-in!

This registration works on both Smokstak.com AND Enginads.com .

If you see "Incomplete Registration" under your name in the Members List, that means you have never completed your registration by clicking the email link. Your posts will not appear until approved and your account may be deleted in seven days. :eek: If you give an incorrect email address, I have absolutely no way to reach you.

Your computer will need to accept cookies from smokstak.com and enginads.com to "remember" your log-in and your user preferences.

If you ever forget your password, this system can automatically send you a
new one! If you forget your email address, you're in trouble!

Good luck! If you get hopelessly lost, have me delete what you did so you
can start over. If you are REALLY hopelessly lost, get help! You need it! :crazy:

You may register here: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/reghg49xz.php

Please look in on our Policy Statement before posting on SmokStak bulletin boards.


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Re: Ten EASY Steps to REGISTER on SmokStak

I just spoke directly with a users ISP (internet service provider) to help get him registered here on the SmokStak. His confirmation email was being tanked by his ISP's spam filter.

I asked the ISP support person how to avoid this situation and he didn't know. Someone designs these spam traps and they don't want to divulge their process for fear that the spammers will be able to defeat the trap.

What the support person did do for me and the user, was to WHITE LIST the SmokStak server's email address. So, if you are having this problem, CALL YOUR ISP. Become familiar with JUNK MAIL FOLDERS and BULK MAIL FOLDERS and WHITE LISTING.

Give your ISP this information: Smokstak and Enginads email is received: from mail.harrymatthews.net []

AOL USERS: Be sure that your email address isn't closed off to the world and that SMOKSTAK can send mail to you!

I cannot do this for you. You need to take the initiative and get the job done. You are probably MISSING out on other email that you want too.


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Re: Ten EASY Steps to REGISTER on SmokStak

If you have forgotten your user name or password, DO NOT try to register again. The system will only allow one user name per email address. Click here to get your user name and a new password: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/login.php?do=lostpw

MISSPELLED EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you don't enter your email address correctly then the mail to you bounces back to us. If you're not sure what your email address is, send an email to YOURSELF. If you don't get the mail you just sent to yourself, then something's wrong. Get help!

All the help we can give you is right here:

One final note. In a way, I apologize for all the password stuff and automation and in a way, I don't. The world of the internet has changed in the past ten years and don't you think for one minute that there isn't someone out there that wouldn't just love to get at your passwords or otherwise break into our server. I spend a lot of time trying to keep out the fraud, spam, and other illegitimate crap. You can help by spending a few minutes coping with the registration system.

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