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Tennessee Alabama Georgia Engine Club

Tom G

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Does anyone know if the TAG ( Tennessee Alabama Georgia ) engine club still exists? They used to hold shows in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. At one time they had a website. I tried a google search, but no joy.

Thanks Harry!!

Greg Best

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I think there are still a couple of them that come down to Zolfo Springs in March.


I just ran across this post. A very good friend of mine, David Johnston, was a former member of the TAG Antique Engine Club. He was a master at restoring antique engines. When he heard I bought an old Maytag engine at an estate sale, he started talking about some of the engines he had restored, and pulled out his old scrap book. He had lots of pictures and stories from his days in TAG. Sadly, he passed away on October 2, 2013, the day before this thread started.

He had signed up on these forums as retbugtech a few months before he passed away, but only made one post about a Buda rail car engine he had hung on to. He had plans to use it to power an early 1900's type home built automobile.

Anyway, I am pretty sure the TAG Antique Engine Club no longer exist.


TAG engine club still exists though far fewer members. Cost of travel & insurance hurt club show attendance & loss of a place to have a show. We are going to have a 1 day show at TVRM (Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum)4119 Cromwell RD. Chattanooga,TN on JUNE 04, 2016. Engines,Tractors & Farm Equipment are invited NO FEE to show. All are welcome CONTACTS: DARAN BEST Pres.423-718-3603 or Waldon Gray VP 706-538-6708