Testing Attachments

Billy J Shafer

Trying to upload.Worked this time. Been having a problem uploading files. Sometimes it says upload failed. Other times it says you already have uploaded it in another post. Won't let me upload. Any ideas.

That picture is from one of our nice calm days at sea.



Staff member
You can see your attachments here: http://www.smokstak.com/forum/profile.php?do=editattachments

If you have already posted a photo or other attachment in another post, you can link to it from a new post. We don't allow duplicates for space consumption reasons. We also keep them on a backup server.

If you see "Upload Failed" this means that your photo was either too large or it took so long to upload it and the upload time limitation of 512 seconds was exceeded.

Anyone who needs to post a lot of photos or who emails a lot of photos should have access to photo processing software that can reduce their size. 1024 X 768 is a good center point and 200K can show lots of detail.

Your photo uploaded above came in at 732 X 590 size: 65Kb.