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The Hoosier Flint & Walling plus an Economy


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I found this early Flint and Walling Hoosier engine online and went to pick it up yesterday. I took my truck and small trailer figuring it would be an easy load with it being on a cart. When I got there the owner showed me an old Goulds centrifugal irrigation pump that he offered for a little more cash. While we were humping it out of the back of the barn I needed to move an old barn door that was in the way. Guess what was behind door #1 - A large Economy engine. It is complete and turns over. No tag so I am not sure of the HP size but it is at least a 5 HP. We settled on a price if I could get it out of the barn. Using a large piece of rope and my truck to pull it out and onto my small trailer took 2 hours but it is home now and I am going to get it running today.
The Hoosier engine is very nice and I am planning to take it to Jacktown in July.



OMG I now own this engine. Got it from Tony Sage in March 2017. Bet the serial number is 11645. It is a 1 1/2 hp and runs counter clockwise. Earle Franklin