The M E walking beam steam engine

I bought these two engines several years ago. The man who made them would make two at a time , but never got to finish these. They are about 95% done. They have been sitting in the shelf and I decided it was time to work on them. I have the drawings and looking at them and the engines I'm figuring out what I need to finish them. There nuts and bolts missing. They are all BA! I never worked with BA before and had to find the charts. What a crazy system! After some studying , I made a list and sent for the nuts and bolts from a supplier in England. I have the idea of making them into a twin beam engine so while waiting for the nuts and bolts. The first thing that I have to do is get them running. The other thing is that I needed to make sure that I could turn one engine from a right hand engine into a left hand engine , so that is what I did. In the picture the engine on the left is the normal build and the one on the right has been changed to a left hand engine. It is going to take me a while since I am only a 1/2A-- machinist. I'll keep you posted. Ron


Things are going slow. While waiting for the nuts and bolts. I found that there are some parts missing. There was only one rod and pivot pin for the parallel motion. I have to make three. Having one as a pattern it was easier to make them. For those who have never seen a filing machine here is mine. Ron
Up date ! I received the BA nuts and bolts from England and started to replace the ones that were missing. I started to have some problems. Some fit and some didn't fit. I found that the builder used SAE in some places. In one place eight 4BA was changed to a 6-32 , in another place eight 10BA was changed to a 0-80 on the two engines. That meant that I spent a lot of time making my own bolts. Just yesterday I found a bolt that matched up in size to a 5-40. That size is in the book , but I have never seen one ! I had 4 places that had to be pined. I ordered a pack of 1/16" X 5/16" roll pins. I had to buy a pack of 100 ! Maybe sometime in the future I can use the other 96? With all of the nuts and bolts and pins in place , I got both engines running. I had some air leaks that need fixed , then next week I'll start joining the two engines into one. Ron
I made some progress. I got both engines running and some air leaks fixed , but had a problem with the one slide valve. It was not seating properly. It took some time to fix that. I fastened the two wood bases together so they wouldn't move then joined the two engines together by moving the one on the right over as far as possible and with a new shaft everything was mounted and adjusted. They are now married and running as a twin beam engine. Ron



It's nice enough to see one much less two.

I have a casting kit from the 80's but looks like I'll never get to it so will have to pass it along.

Always wanted to get a beam model with a little more pazazz than the Stuart that I do have but a double beam trumps that.

Congrats, Al