The Not So Happy 'Happy Farmer' - YET!


Sorry about the picture. This check says, Agent for Happy Farmer Tractor and Farm Implement.
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Randy Reysen

You are right they do face forward on the patent for the Model A. This tractor is a Model B and were rear facing for some of the production run and then forward facing for the remainder. Thanks for the input though.

As for the paper from the earlier post I would say its worth around 5.00 - bought one similar to that about 6 months ago on ebay and thats what I paid. Thanks for posting because I always find Happy Farmer items interesting!



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I'm re-restoring a Model F Happy Farmer that Dad restored in the early 70's and would love to get a copy of your Adobe Illustrator file you used to make the decals

Jeffrey Garbutt

I just finished the graphic for the reproduction of the tractor umbrella - I think I have about 20 hours of "tweaks" in on this but its done!!! I will take it to the screenprinters today to see what they can do with it. Just thought you would like to see how it turned out. It is different than the first set of prints that are on the tractor but only a little; however, when you blow up those 'differences' to almost 2 feet in diameter they become VERY obvious. Hence the 'tweaks'. For future reference - if you need the Adobe Illustrator file on this to have some decals printed out just email and I will be happy to send them to you.