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The RED X - Why won't my pictures show?


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The RED X - Why won't my pictures show?

We've been round and round on this topic and here's the deal: YOU CANNOT UPLOAD AN 8 MEGABYTE RAW IMAGE FROM YOUR CAMERA.

First of all, the system file size limit is 2 megabytes. Second, most web page and email photos are 50 to 100 kilobytes so that they can download quickly and easily.

If you try to upload a 2 megabyte image, it's going to take you a while and it might even crash which means that you'll see a red X where the photo is supposed to be. This is not your camera's fault, not the internet's fault, not the web server's fault and not my fault.

You MUST make an attempt to control the file size of your photos! Use a photo editing program to crop, adjust gray and color levels, resize and compress. Some cameras allow you to take compressed photos in the first place, but these photos will never be suitable for printing. They will, however, work great on the web.

We have done our part here by installing software that will automatically resize and compress photos for you. But, you cannot put this software into overload by feeding an elephant to a cat. If you don't know the difference between a megabyte and a kilobyte, GET HELP! You may also think that a web "Browser" is a breed of dog. :eek: