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Thief Caught On Tape!!!

Brian Triebner

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If he was caught once stealing, I wonder what else is in his shop that was stolen. Who else in Europe is missing tractor parts? Would the police check his property?


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Glad you caught the Sweet Ol Bob. :clap::clap: or sob for short.
Castration would be a good start to make sure he can't reproduce!:brows:

Brothers Clemens

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This have happened more before.

In the late 80’s an Allis Chalmers was ripped from parts near our friend Bert from the Allis Day.

There where only on coople of those Allices overhere in that time.

Coople years later Belgium Piet had an Field Marshal for sale.

An person came from having such an same Allis like Bert to vizit Piet and wanted to have an look arround.
He was very intrested in the Field Marchal outside but dit not bought it.
An week later the Marchal was stolen from parts.

And 2 weeks later the same person came back and saw that the part where gone.
Then he asket Piet how much the tractor now wil cost with out her parts.

It is hard to have evidence against those fellas.
In that time we became very warned about this person.

Now Piet is having large gates, fences and camaras

It was in the begin of the 90’s
We where standing on the National Farm Exhibition in the main hall of the Rai in Amsterdam with an Oil Pull X and an Allis Chalmers U.
There where lots of people, farmers standing arround the 2 tractors.
Suddenly i saw the person coming in the hall from the both story’s.
And took close possetion to the 2 tractors.

The first thing the person was doing was opening the tool box of the U.:brows:

I walked towards him with the question.
Are you looking something.
Then the person say no an fast walked away.:mad:

Later i have heart more nasty storys from this person.

Like i told before mostly they are the same fellas doing these kind of things.

The best thing is placing camaras like Gerard dit.
Sur they realy do not like this enymore when they are caught an coople times.


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Got a name yet that you can release?
Our local newspaper prints the picture and name of everyone arrested on a daily basis.
Its a great way to get to know the lowlifes and be aware.