Thinner for Centari

Hank Czerwick

I'm restoring a Maytag. I did another Maytag years ago and I still have about 3/4 of a Quart of the proper color DuPont Centari Enamel. I'm pretty sure they have not made this in years. I've opened the can and it looks fine. I've sampled a small bit with a brush on a small part and am waiting to see if it drys. If I wanted to use this paint up, what current product is made that I could thin it with for spraying? Any ideas?

Thanks, Hank

Jeff Miley

New member
There is a product made by Dupont that works well with Centari although it is not sold as a Centari thinner. Check with the locat Dupont paint distributor who may be able to tell you. I will look to see if I have any yet and if I do I will send you the number and name of the product. Centari is good single stage paint and to expensive to throw away.

Steve Kunz

I think any enamel reducer should cut it. If you use something to hot it will work, but not have as quite as much shine. Just try a few drops in a small spot of paint.
Centari is the best stuff they made, they always have to mess with sucess.


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Dupont still sells reducer for Centari most Dupont jobbers would still carry this product. 8022s is the mid temp reducer. This should work fine for a small paint job. Like someone else posted
a small amount of good lacquer thinner would do just fine, it may help knock a little of the gloss down.


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Thinner? thats for lacquer. Maybe you need to use reducer,jwx3 is right the 8022 is the common reducer for shooting the old centari.They had a product called 3608 that was a solvent for this as well.Any isocyanate hardener will work with this paint,Ive used the Tractor Supply 'Majic' hardener and it works fine with Centari.I used to paint tons of Centari,wonderful stuff. Dupont also had 'Fill and Sand' it was a scratch filler and sealer in one..worked great. Last I bought Centari it was $110 for a gallon of Pitch Black.Best of luck to you.