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Tillico Engine


I have recently acquired a Tillico Marine engine. The main identification plate has been removed abut it still has a smaller brass plate stating Tillico, 7.5 HP Marine, Adams & Co. It has a number deeply engraved in the base and it is number is 59. The gear box is missing and it looks as if has been converted to a stationary farm engine. It is in reasonable condition and I am working on the Schebler Model D carburettor and have had the magneto overhauled. The engine has been mounted on a transporter. Further information is that Tillico began production of lathes and launch engines in Melbourne during the 1890's and moved to Sydney during the early 1900's. They supplied engines to the RAN during the 1930's.
I have only found very little information other than a few newspaper adds held in the Power House Museum archives. I would be most interested to find out some history relating the Tillico, the approximate age of the engine and any, or copy, of maintenance and operation manuals. I would be most grateful for any information at all.