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Today is Veteran's Day

Rich Hudak

Today is Veteran's Day in this great nation of ours. One of the first things I did today was shake my fathers hand and thank him for service for our country. May I suggest that we all thank someone who served or is serving to preserve our freedoms. Whether we agree or not with the current state of the military or the military of the past, We own them thanks for laying their lives on the line for the life we enjoy. Thank you.

Bruce B.

I just got back from town, where I attended the morning parade and, later, a ceremony at the Korean War memorial. I was impressed by the number of young people involved in the day's activities, whether in high school marching bands or other youth organizations such as Junior ROTC, Sea Cadets, Air Cadets and others. I was humbled by their recognition (I am a Navy veteran) and expressions of gratitude; makes me feel as though our collective future is not in such terrible hands as some would have us believe.

Thank you for the posting. I am proud to have served this great nation that has given us so much in the way of freedom and opportunity.


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Amen. I learned how to say "thank you for your service" when my son graduated from Great Lakes awhile back. It is a very simple and genuine and meaningful phrase and it is received quite well by anyone you offer it to.

Mike McKnight

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To all the vets on stak, I want to say a big hearfelt "thanks" and also a big


to you all! :)

Mike M


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I`m glad you all feel positive towards our Veterans. I have a brother that is 10 years older than me that was in Nam. He has major problems. I try to understand and am very passive. He was in contact with the agent orange chemical and was what they call shell shocked. All his buddys were killed in a confrontation with the resistance. Whet the hell is that? He is paranoid and anti-social. He risked his life, killed to keep his life to come home to a bunch of hanoi janes. I remember this because I was there. We still have these Democrats among us that started this war. Well, I had six Uncles that fought in Korea. You would not beleive those stories. I will tell you them but would be kicked off this forum. I`m sorry for getting this emotional. M&WJoe