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Today's Catch - 1952 ABN, 1954 AKN, 1955 AEN, Unknown BRIGGS

Colin O

I picked these up today from a fellow engine enthusiast. He is into the Older hit and miss style engines so he was nice enough to part with these for a reasonable price. The AKN is in running condition, the AEN and Briggs are complete, and the ABN is complete less the cylinder head and has a heavy duty pump attached. I have a spare ACN head but from what I can tell it would not be compatible with the ABN as the spark plug angles are different. Anyone have a guess on the Briggs? I was thinking a type of FB?

Colin O



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Nice Haul. Briggs looks like a Model 19 or the one size smaller (Model 15?). If you need a head for the ABN I probably have one, send me a message.