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Towmotor forklift


Propane engine on Towmotor forklift blows black smoke when it is started and running. It worked fine, then when I started it after it had set for awhile it started blowing the black smoke. It doesn't get used much, so it sits for extended periods of time without being started. Appreciate any advice that can be given.


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The regulater is probably getting gummed up. They are pretty easy to rebuild.


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Towmotor used any number of engines... from Continentals, Hercules, Waukesha, to the industrial Chrysler 225 slant.

Can you identify the engine with a little more detail?

A gummed up propane regulator rarely yields a running engine, and getting black smoke from one is really, really difficult. More likely that there's something else wrong that's introducing something into the combustion chambers that shouldn't be there.

Does it have an OHV engine, or a flathead? Pull the dipstick and check the oil level... if it's very high, then there's something directing water into the crankcase, and you have a very serious issue with bearings and lifters now.

Does it have an oil-bath air cleaner? If so, dump the bath, and restart it for a test without the bath in place. If the bath has accumulated water, it'll be drinking oil from the top...

Is it a flathead, or OHV? If debris has gotten into the rocker cover, then you probably have a drain-back issue, and oil is pooling and running down the valve stems. If it's a flathead, it's probably got sticky rings and it's blowing lots of oil mist up the breather from the side covers into the intake...