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Towmotor Model 462 Steering


got one front tire pressed on, ran out of time to do other yet, and got the new side panels made (5/16 aluminum- had to be fairly thick to sit flush with rest of 'body' and have room on backside to counterbore four pockets .200 deep to clear the bolt heads holding the frame together...) the taper in middle of cooling slots is for room to paint a star, goofy to dress a forklift up in military colors, but the army did have this same model in use on bases all over for at least a couple decades...

still a ugly duckling, but cleaning up... I had seen/used this truck on occasion since 1989, definitely been around the shop longer than any other lift, and looking better than it did even 30 years ago... hopefully renewing its lease on life it will still be around in another 30 :)


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so close to finished... should be on its way to a new home soon, probably STILL a couple more weeks of evenings... got the seat gas strut kinda sized up tonight, but need to order a lower pressure strut, still need to figure the latch out...the sliding fork on seat sounded good, but too many issues arose with clearance on the underside to be able to relocate seat... so will need to make a separate latch/handle to release seat assemply for opening the hood...


march 10th, still unfinished... got one seat latch on tonight, got all the lights wired(still need to mount the reverse switch, but its wired with backup alarm/light), got the horn slipring/relay/button wired up, a few other things... was hoping to deliver this weekend as of last week, but its just been a couple bad weeks...after a funeral this friday, hoping things settle down a while. would much rather be fixing things :(

anyways, still want to remake the clutch bellcrank out of steel, still need to safety wire a couple bolts on the steer axle, still need to mount other side seat latch and make a release handle, ran my bottle empty, need to refill that tomorrow, ordered a pintle hook for the back end-will need to drill/tap 4 holes for that...never noticed tank mount way off center- need to relocate the right mount and touch up the paint, still need a battery hold down, change oil/filter, but the list realy IS shrinking...maybe next weekend will deliver it if I can get a few more hours on it. oh, havent even started on the dedication plate... week after next more like it....

"just a little old forklift, a few days, a few hundred bucks... " several months of evenings later, and theres still more time to go into it than I'd planned in the beginning for the whole thing... will be relieved when its done and delivered for sure...KIMG0032.jpg


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DAM,, that is some fantastic restoration work there , forklifts ARE NOT EASY to work on period...
this looks great and you really have that improvise/adapt/overcome mentality if we could only spread that like that crappy CoviD19 we be soo far ahead...

again great job


worked on the old thing tonight after work a bit, wanted to remake part of the clutch that was worn/cracked months ago- had welded and redrilled , but it was cast steel, worried it could crack from welding and surprise someone...made one out of steel and beefed up the size a bit- this one will surely outlast the rest of it...

heres the original from a couple months ago before welding it up- sure was close to letting go- paper thin AND cracked! I hadnt pre/post heated when Id welded it, it seemed fine, but in back of my mind, knew it could fail suddenly from the heat of welding...

Also finally crawled under and safety wired the kingpin setscrews, and torqued the 4 big counterweight bolts back down...think last thing I need to do is make the new nameplate and a little dedication plate...then soon as museum reopens will be dropping it off... getting crowded at work, gotta get it out of the shop soon...