TRACTOR AUCTION RESULTS: Merlyn Nelson, Plentywood, MT


Danny G

Here are the results from the Merlyn "Howie" Nelson Tractor Sale held north of Plentywood, MT yesterday May, 19th if anyone is interested.

Most Tractors are restored or in good original condition.

Case Model D-$300

Case Model R-2,300

Cockshutt 30, Restored-1,700

Cockshutt 50, Restored-2,000

Cockshutt 50, Restored-1,800

M-M GB Propane, Original-1,400

M-M UB Propane-600

M-M ZAU-1,600

10-20 McCormick-Deering, Original-250

Farmall Model 340,NF-2,200

Farmall Model 450,WF-1,800

Farmall Super A-1300

Farmall Model A-2,900

Farmall Model A-900

Farmall Model B,NF-1,600

Farmall Model C,WF-1,500

Farmall Cub-2,000

Farmall Cub w/ belly mower-1,600

Farmall F-12,nice-1,500

Farmall f-14,nice-900

Farmall Model H-850

Farmall Model M, WF-2,500

Farmall Super A, WF-3,900

Farmall Super C, WF-1,700

Farmal Super H, WF-1,100

Farmall Super H, WF-1,900

Farmall Super M-TA, WF-4,700

McCormick-Deering W-4,-2,800

McCormick-Deering W-6,-750

McCormick-Deering W-6,-1,100

McCormick-Deering W-9, 1,200

IHC Model 300 w/ mower-4,200

John Deere Styled A, NF-1,200

John Deere Styled A, WF-1,600

John Deere AR-1,400

John Deere AR-1,300

John Deere Styled B, tri-cycle-1,800

John Deere Styled D-3,300

John Deere Styled G, WF-2,750

John Deere Styled G, WF-3,750

John Deere Styled H, tri-cycle-3,000

John Deere LA-3,750

John Deere Styled H, NF-1,000

John Deere Model M-2,300

John Deere Model M-3,000

John Deere Model MT-2,250

John Deere Model MT, tri-cycle-2,000

John Deere Model R-1,700

John Deere Model R-2,100

John Deere Model 40, tri-cycle-1,400

John Deere Model 50, tri-cycle-1,500

John Deere Model 50, WF-1,500

John Deere Model 60, WF-3,700

John Deere Model 60, NF-1,200

John Deere Model 60, WF-1,400

John Deere Model 70, WF-6,200

John Deere Model 70, WF-2,900

John Deere Model 70, WF-2,250

John Deere Model 80-7,600

John Deere Model 80, nice, original-11,000

John Deere 430, WF-5,600

John Deere 520, WF-2,000

John Deere 530, WF-5,200

John Deere 620, WF-5,000

John Deere 630, WF-8,700

John Deere 720, WF-4,700

John Deere 720, WF-4,500

John Deere 730, WF-5,000

John Deere 730, Propane, Tri-Cycle-2,250

John Deere 820, nice-6,100

John Deere 820, original-4,500

John Deere 820, original-4,500

John Deere 830, nice, original-7,000

John Deere 830, original, cab-6,500

John Deere 830, original-5,000

John Deere 830, original-5,500

John Deere 830, original, cab-7,500

Theres the selling prices if anyone's interested. If you have any questions let me know.