Tractor Shipment at Churchill, Manitoba

When I first saw this picture, I thought they might be Nuffield tractors, but the hoods are not right. Now thinking they are Fordson Majors. The drop on the hood on the rear and the straight front to the axle suggest so. The Fordson Dexta had a cutaway on the front for the axle.
Anyway, it is c1957, just off loaded at Churchill, Manitoba.
What are the cars, or motors as they say 'over 'ome? I thought they might be Morris sedans, but are they Fords? Anyone remember Morris cars on the Prairies? I can't recall seeing them here.
A school chum had a little Ford Zodiak or Zephyr back in the 60s. We went over the Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway crossing east of Copetown at high speed one night. The crossing was raised above the road. The old English motor thought it was a Spitfire and went into full flight, but landed on all fours. We looked at one another and carried on silently!
Oh, I think I read in the Western Producer that a shipment of durum went out of Churchill recently. Nice to know they have the railway back in action and using that port.



Their were Morris cars in Canada and Ontario but i dont think they did very well with the Canadian climate.Alot of them would not start very well when it rained or in winter time....A seasonal driver of sorts:rolleyes::O.Nice picture Mr Willikers:)



Certainly Fordson Majors.Maybe Ford Taunus cars made in Germany, my sister had one about that time. I remember the tail fins.
Voss D,
I had to search for the Ford cars, but I think you are right. It also makes sense they would all be Ford products. I hope they didn't get too many bumps and dents crossing the Arctic waters!:bonk:


When you blow the photo up you see 2 or 3 different body styles among the group. I'd agree with BHoward that some are Ford Consel. Some don't look like Ford at all to me. A few almost have a Rambler look although I'm sure they aren't Rambler.



Looks like Zephyrs, maybe some Consul and Cortina mixed in. we had all these on the prairies. Tractors appear to be Majors.
Interesting picture. Shipment from Ford of England?