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Trailer rims


anyone know what kind of junkyard rims would fit 5 on 4.5, 15 inch, zero offset? I can't imagine that they made new trailer only rims, I would assume that they were initially some stock vehicle rims. I've read something that jeeps and ford use this pattern. I can get rims at the local u-pullit for like 5-7 each and slap a cheap tire on, vs near 200 with shipping for what northern wants to get....

Doug Oldenburg

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From what I've found in the past.....the part of this that kills this swap is the 0 offset part. That would be Very unusual on a motor vehicle. Usually {but not always} the 0 inset or outset will be on a trailer only wheel. :brows:


Ford and Chrysler used the 4.5 in bolt pattern, GM was 4.75. Early Jeeps (AMC) were 5.5, the Chrysler Jeeps then changed to 4.5. Any Steel wheel From Summit Racing or Jegs will work on a modern trailer with Dexter type axles, with or without brakes and are about $45. You didnt say what type trailer you have or how many axles, but these wheels will be perfect up to 3500 lbs per axle. Over that is usually 6 to 8 lug wheels.

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I highly recommend getting good tires on your trailer, especially if you travel at highway speeds with any weight on it. I would have to have a blow-out because I did not spend the money on a good tire. I have had a blowout on my trailer, with factory tires, and it is no fun changing them on the side of the road with the trailer loaded.

I buy my trailer tires with rims from http://www.easternmarine.com/. They have a trailer section, and a location just 45 minutes from my house.


MOST (if not all now) ST tires are made in China. Every time I go to a trailer joint, they have a new tire brand I've never heard of before. All my research online says almost all of these tires are junk. I've got a couple of items that don't go far, fast, or heavily loaded, and I was looking for a way to not have to spend tons of money on tires and rims, when the tires might have 10 miles on them and are gonna disintegrate in 5 years from just being outside.