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Elden DuRand

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On a car here, it's called the "hood". There, it's called the "bonnet".

On a car here, it's called the "trunk". There, it's called the "boot".

Here, "bloody" is what you are after poking yourself with a screwdriver.

There, "bloody" is a modifier for the word "Hell".:)

Take care - Elden:wave:


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Just a few that come to mind

spanner -> wrench
shifter -> adjustable wrench (although I've also heard it as adj shifter)
grub screw -> set screw
big end -> connecting rod bearing
arvo -> afternoon
root -> wink nudge say no more :p
flat out like a lizard drinking -> very busy
pot -> 10oz beer in Vic and Qld varies by state
slab -> carton of 25 stubs or cans
coldie -> cold beer
stub/stubbie -> short necked beer bottle

I love going to Oz and hearing all these Aussisms. The accent is pretty cool to! :D

Russell Gilbert

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Nick you missed a few:

a 750ml bottle of beer can be known as a king brown! or long neck!

A six pack has nothing to do with the jim/fitness centre and working on your musscle tone; but rather 1/4 of a slab of beer. Usually in cans 350ml.

and skid marks are not something you find on the road way, rather a stinky mark in your underwear!


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THE OZZY CITIZENSHIP TEST (taken from the funnies page in Street machine mag)

1. do you understand the meaning of "died in the arse"?
2. what is a bloody little bewdy?
3. are these terms related chuck a sicky, chuck a spaz, chuck a U-ey?
4. Macca, Chooka and Wanga are driving to perth in their Torrie, if they are averging 100kph and listening to barnsey farnsey and Accadacca how many cartons will they consume between chuckin a browneye and havin' a slash?
5. Complete the following: if the vans rockin....
your goin home in the back of a..
fair crack of the...
6. I've had a gutful and can't fagged.Discuss
7. do you have a relative with a car in their front yard on blocks?
8. demonstate the correct procedure for eating a tim tam
9. What purpul vegtable MUST be included in any hambuger with the lot?
10.do you own a pair of UGG boot or Double pluggers?
11.Is it possible to Prang a car wilst doing circle work?
12. who is more aussie: Kevin Bloody wilson
john williamson
13. Is there someone your only mates with cos they own a trailer or a pool?
14. do you enjoy sinkin piss and getting paralytic?

you may copy you mates answers, pass rate is 45%:D:D:D:D