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trash find compressor, free to me


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Re: trash find compressor,free to me

Taken care of, will last a long time. Even longer if your needs are such you can run it at 3/4 of rated pressure.
You might want to check inside bottom of tank for corrosion, or hydro tank. There are some U tube videos of that type of tank exploding.


Re: trash find compressor,free to me

Purrs like a kitten (1725 rpm) or screams? (3450 rpm)!

The high speed ones of those china compressors are down right obnoxious lol. If it's a "slow" speed one, it might last a while, and probably ok for occasional use. If it were me, I'd stick it on Craigslist for a little quick cash. :D Appearance wise it looks very good. :brows:


Re: trash find compressor,free to me

thanks fella,s I have 2 other compressors (good ones) was going to sell it for a Quick buck but gonna give it to my son inlaw for a old speedy compressor and yes i'll turn down the max pressure...:D