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Twin City KT

J Ware

Last Subscription Date
Nice tractor Ben, I talked to a gentleman this winter from Ohio that told me Farmall H lugs will bolt right on. He said he has 30 on each rear wheel. Jim

Russ Hamm

Last Subscription Date
I know where that one used to live, glad it went to a good home.

Ben Zimmerer

Well I fixed the all of the coolant leaks on the KT. I have a set of 6" extension rims that I bought from the auction. I actually did not know what the extensions fit when I bought them. These rims had 10 clips that held the extensions to the wheels. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the clips or could give me some measurements so I can make the clips. I was also looking in the parts book and angle iron lugs were optional. The book says the measurements were 2"x2" angle 1/2 thick, and 17-1/8" long. The lugs should not be hard to make but I don't know what the angle or spacing should be. Thanks