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Two more members of Heaven's engine club


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Our hobby has lost two longtime members this month.

Augie Holtz, age 90, from Pleasantville Pa. passed away on Feb. 7th. He was born in Titusville. Augie was employed by Quaker State for many years and his knowledge of the oil fields and machines was immense. For many years Augie was responsible for pumping McClintock Well #1 in Rouseville Pa. and kept it in the record books as the oldest producing well in the world.

John Derby, age 61, passed away on Feb. 10th. John had recently retired from the Army Corps of Engineers and had moved back to his native Pennsylvania but was at his new home in The Villages, Florida at the time of his death. John wrote several articles for Gas Engine Magazine in the past and had a detailed memory of where he had seen many engines while grouse hunting- even years later. He could often be seen at Coolspring Power Museum running his shelfmount 8hp Evans.

They each have left a lasting impression on many. I was fortunate to call both of them my friends. Bill Klein