Un Froze Now what Kohler 5 E Marine


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Transmission fluid = Master Blaster- DW 40
Few days soaking
Finally today it loosened ,
As I turn shaft fluids I pumped into spark plug opening is pumping out .
Fly wheel is not turning , shaft off the bolt is , what does this mean?
Is Fly wheel rusted too engine and needs too be loosened somehow?
If I attempt too remove , Do I need a puller similar too a
pulley puller ?
Starter is burnt , once replaced will attempt too fire up
Had too be a reason why this froze , possibly water getting
into cylinder ?


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Follow up
This am after I posted earlier , I put the socket on the nut
FLY WHEEL turned as it should .
NEXT - Drain oil , what grade oil 30/40/ multi ? Mystery oil ???
There is a guy 2 hrs from me in St Pete area , His specialty is
these Kohler gas engines .
Plan is too truck it over , let him go it making sure windings good, any damage too unit ?? Unit working as it should
why did this happen ?
A concern rust and maintaining , Once gen set is gone thru ,
cleaned of rust , painted , if I decide too re- install how
do I protect it ?
Originally had star board enclosed sides & top
Service is impossible once in place . Port engine blocks
If gen set has too come out for a service , boats port motor has too come out first , COSTLY , I don't know if I will re-install since never used . Just wanted this fixed , working incase it becomes an issue when I sell boat ,
If I ever need a gen set for the rare occasion plan is too get
a portable Honda , quiet , power A/c but always at dock with dockside power . When done take home ,

Andrew Mackey

You really need to find out what happenned to lokc the engine to begin with. This means pulling the head and seeing if there is a crack or blown head gasket. If there is rust in the cylinders - cooling system fault? Any signs of damage to the cylinders, presense of water, and the pistons will have to be removed and the rings checked for damage. i would not just run it. You need to find the cause of the lock up. If the exhaust manifold is water cooled - rust thru? Cracked block from overheat. The starter definately burned out fue to engine lock up, not its fault. If you do not find the cause, it may happen again. Is there an anti back water on the exhaust, to prevent outside water from geting into the exhaust?


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What I do not understand is how the engine can turn but the flywheel stay stationary. That would indicate that the crankshaft is broken clear in two. Yet you mention later that the flywheel now turns all of a sudden. Engines do not seize up overnight, I would pull the head and the oil pan and see what is going on.



K-Tron, I was thinking the same as you but wasn't sure I was reading the original post correctly.:shrug:


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Considering how poorly the first two posts were written, I'm surprised that ANYTHING came through with any level of accuracy.

Alber- start from the beginning, and USE COMPLETE SENTENCES. Fragmented scraps do NOT effectively describe your circumstances, NOR your question.

Start with the MODEL NUMBER on the unit's dataplate, and if you see anything that identifies WHICH engine manufacturer and model, that'd really help.

I like oldstuff

I must agree with you DK. One of the more poorly written posts on the forum. And there are many.

S L O W down, collect your thoughts then push the keys.
Proof read it before you clicky the send button.