Unidentified Twin Cylinder Inboard Marine Engine


I received these two photos third hand through some friends. It is being cleared out from an old basement from what I understand. Can anybody identify the make and model of this engine, and an approximate value in average condition? This is out of my wheelhouse but I plan to get my hands on it so that I can make sure it gets to a collector and not in a dumpster :salute:


J.B. Castagnos

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Evinrude inboard, it should be written behind the fuel tank. The timer is rigged, should have a magneto ignition, most of them failed. It's a small engine which seems to be easier to sell, if it has compression it's worth more, no mag will hurt the value. Google Evinrude inboard for pictures.


Hard to tell from the Pix but looks like an Evinrude flywheel magneto to which some juryrigged timer/points have been added.
A front view photo would help.

Joe B