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Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Update #2 April 2019

Andrew Mackey

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Is the smoke from burning off crap in the fire box, or are they running a dirty fire? i thought that she was to be oil fired, if so I would think that todays technology would make for a clean fire. If they used original tech, then it would not burn so clean would it? Of course, if it didn't smoke, it would lose some of the charm of being a steam locomotive!

Greg Mosley

Greetings Railroads, Look closely at the engine. Possibly a photo shop spoof. The cylinder heads appear to be absent on the loco. Hmmmmm…, Enuf Said.


Could be a photoshop. They are against the clock in performing their test runs though. I am thinking the reason UP #844 and a diesel will be on the same consist is because they are not going to perform their usual test runs? They don't want the public to see Bigboy until the official ceremony.

Normally the yard track in front of the Cheyenne depot is used for testing the steam locomotives. Usually followed by a freight train run or two on the mainline.

Lots of smoke from the stak is normal on a oil burner steam locomotive. They are using the same configuration that is used on the challenger and Northern. The setup is basically the same as it was in the 1940's.