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Unknown air cooled generator


Can anyone help me identify this air cooled generator. It has a tag but only thing I can read is the serial number, so I have no idea who makes it or how it even works. It has a car coil and a couple of buttons and a off and on switch. One end has a place for connections, but I have no idea how to begin to wire it up. Any information to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks I didn't know any other place to post this.



That looks like a Tiny Tim Generator built by Continental. I believe they were 6 or 12 volt.



I don't know anything about it at all...but it sure looks awesome.
Hope you get it running and generating something.
Regards Chris

Arlie Levy

I have one almost like it is it is a little joe made by delco. general motors. The blue ones are 6 volt and the red ones are 12 volt


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Your generator is a Tiny Tim made by Continental Motors. The Delco Little Joe is very similar at a glance, but the crankcase breather is the dead giveaway that this one is a Tiny Tim.


Thank You to all who provided me the information. I have always found that the wealth of knowledge on Smokstak is amazing. Now I know I have a Tiny Tim battery charger. Now I just got to get it running and look forward to using it.