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Unknown Stationary single cylinder deisel motor help

Wally Smith

Good day guys

Have a unknown engine

IV have acquired a Stationary single cylinder air cool diesel engine.
Witch iv found in a farmers shed witch has been standing for the 20-30 years
Crank still turns freely, and lots of compression.
Injector and pump have been sent into a mechanic
Crank handle is been manufactured
Side cover and oil filter bowl missing
But unfortunately the Engine tag is no longer attached to the block.
I have found a stamp number on the block. I have no idea if this is a part number or identification number.
Here are a few numbers I have found on the engine
3375 7210 was stamped on the bock
1328181500330 , K861 were moulding numbers on the ally head.
I have attached a few pic.
Please could you help identify this engine.

Wally Smith

G day Tom
Could you be a bit more specific

No guys in my area are enable to help me with a :
model , date of manufacture
having a problem with injector and was looking for information



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At first look I would have said Deutz but the front case does not look like one.

Wally Smith

Thanks. The guy that is servicing the pump and injector says that it is a deutz motor.
The injector has been modified and they are looking for spares as he says that some parts are not correct. Maybe this is why the engine has been put to one side as it would not start. What I am wish to find out, is when and where it was manufactured. Would more photographs be of help?
Thanks for the help