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US Electric Motor Corporation Generator

I just bought what I think is a 60s Briggs and Stratton powered generator. The ID tag name is very hard to read but I think it says United States Electric Corporation. It’s painted yellow and the engine is probably 3-5 hp. The ID tag does say 1250 watts at 3600 rpm, phase (1), 60 cycles, and the serial number says something like P25A-E1 and at the bottom its hard to read but I think it says. Accompanied by the United Motor Company, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Does anyone have any information on this?

It all works and runs pretty good. It takes 2 pulls. My only issue is it had a slight knocking but I changed the old oil that had some water in it and it was overfilled.


i picked up one similar to this one , mine is a US MOTORS unit. it has a little light inside where the plugs to light them up, i think mine is about 3HP. smoke's like a freight train, but i guess it has a right too at its age. wish i could post pics but have a way. got mine at a scrapyard, belive i paid $100+ for it the guy charged for the copper, aluminum,etc.besides the smoking runs good & generates good.:D:D:D


Years ago I was given a very similar US Electric 1,500 watt generator.

Based on the engine (a B&S with an updraft carburetor) it dates from the late 50's/early 60's. It too has a pilot light to illuminate the outlets. But there are only two outlets. It also has no voltmeter. It does however DOES have DC output terminals and will provide up to about 8 amps at 12 VDC.

Mine runs and still makes both AC and DC. However the engine is tired; it burns oil and smokes somewhat.

I do have a pair of modern portable generators I use for emergencies. But I can't bear to part with this old relic.....!


Hi, hate to resurrect ancient history, bud need a wiring diag for a U S Motors gen set.
model 2056A36-K5 2500 watt 115/230 volt powered by briggs engine. any info would be appreciated, thanks, Scottie.