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Van Norman 777 and 777s


Looking for parts and help as I attempt to re-condition two machines. I had used the 777 for many years and it was knocked over, while it was attached to a very heavy table, and the column is bent. Would like to replace the column as I had all the tooling I needed to do blind holes and face off sleeves in V6 outboard motors. The machine itself is worn a bit and the tool holder is sloppy and I have to shim it every time I take the bit holder in and out but it would do pretty good work. It may have some other issues after the fall but I know the column is bent. The owners manual is adamant about never adjusting on the column preload adjustment but it would need to be gutted to get the column out. The only thing I had ever replaced on it was the triple gear.

I have never used the 777s but it is a beefier machine at the tool holder and the driveshaft is of course larger diameter and hollow. It runs the column up and down very smoothly and the transmission works well. It needs a set of jaws, the ones that have the teeth and mesh with the scroll. My understanding is when you replace those a new thrust washer needs to be installed and ground to get the proper fit so the jaws feed the catspaws in and out AND determines the mesh of the scroll to jaws so they feed properly.

So if anyone out there has parts, advice, directions, connections, please let me hear from you.

tr nelson

I may have what you need. Picked up one of these at an auction last summer, not sure if it's a 777 or a 777S, and was missing some parts. What you need is still there thou. It may not be until this weekend that I can check it out. Let me know if you still need parts.

John Tice

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You’ve got the same problem with the Van Norman's as I've got with my Kwik-Way machines. All of the main brands (Kwik-Way, Rottler, Van Norman) are so good that they hardly ever wear out. I’m running 6 Kwik-Way machines in my shop. The key is step up & purchase your brand of machine as others go out of business. I purchased most of my equipment from 2 who decided to give it up. This is the only way that I know of to accumulate spare parts.

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