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Very neat 40's? video of farming

Tim B

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I found this or it found me on you tube. I enjoyed watching it and thought I would share. There is a La engine in there.

Fred Van Hook

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I never new they did no till in the 50"s ... Or not in Indiana... The crop of corn looked pretty thin, probably less that a 80 bu. per acre.. How times have changed!! Thanks for the movie....


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I thought the bale gun was neat. The hay on the wagon brought back memories of summer during the high school years. Five cousins and I hauled hay from the field and stacked it in the barn for six cents a bale. The farmers provided the transportation. Some of the farmers had girl kids and they got their share of hay hauling too. In fact some of the farm girls I knew could easily whip an old boy's butt in the blink of an eye.