Vic Wenzel Auction


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September 22nd 2018 Rosemount, MN Antique truck, tractor, Caterpillar, car, gas engine auction. Auctioneer is Nixon Auctioneers.
some of the high points:

Advance Rumely 18-20 new boiler in 2009 new grates, new firebox door, new stack, new smoke box ring, new water tanks, feed water pump, all piping was redone with sch80 pipe and forged steel fittings, new relief valve for 150 psi, in 2016 the Marsch reverse gear was rebuilt along with the linkage and the support block and connecting rod.

30-60 Rumely lightweight type S 1928 with spoked flywheel.

John Deere 435 dsl
Farmall Super MTA
Huber E
Minneapolis Moline G705

1907 Brush car
1908 Brush car
1955 Jaguar XK-140
1960 Cadillac El Dorado convertible
1960 Lincoln Continental retractable

Cat 60 1928 old restoration

1917 international truck
1918 Hendrickson Flatbed
1929 Mack chain drive truck
1917 4 Wheel Auto Co. FWD


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Steamer brought 60,000.00 rough N&S steamer somewhere near 5K. 30-60 rumely 42K. I slept through some of sale... Let a decent United AC go for 350.00 on steel. 20-35 TC went around 7700.00, Huber went around 5K with road setup on it( looked neat). Lots of stuff.:)


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Wow, good thing I didn't go. They were practically giving most things away! Money's tight what with the grain prices. I'd simply been sick, unable to bid at those prices!
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I have been sick all day for not bidding on the Minneapolis tractor for 2,400. Many tractors sold for less than scrap. Engines mostly were normal lower now days prices.
The steam engine had a brand new boiler 10 years ago. Really one of the neatest collections I have seen. The former owner was quite a man. Died at 91 not lpng ago. 50,000 dollar 1955 Jaguar sold. Very nice car.


I was waiting to buy the Cushman and Witte so did not bid on the Minneapolis. Then did not get them.
Lonnie Nixon and Kelly Conkling and one other cried the sale, from 9 am till 3:30?
The 5hp Galloway had a nasty crack and a chunk out of the piston. They also had a Masterpiece 6 hp. Head was cracked on it. And a new broke off Webster.



I am kicking myself too for not bidding a couple more times on that Minneapolis, I was the backup bidder but was also saving my money for other stuff I didn't get.....
If you mean the 10 ton steam engine generator in the lower building I would guess so. $300 for a 100 hp stationary steam engine. WOW where was Jason when they needed him.


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The steam/engine/generator wasn't shown in listing pics, could see flywheels in background of electric panel pic, would have been nice to see the set, one of our early power plants had Corliss steam engines for generation.
We have a Corliss project started but no generator, I asked out of curiousity as that the panel may have been related.