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Vintage air compressor


I picked up a vintage air compressor that didn't work at the time I picked it up, but since it was vintage I thought what the heck. It's a Miller-Trojan (Troy, Ohio) CH-10, and I would like to pick up some parts for it if they'er still out there…did the same thing for my vintage Westighouse Y type…and was curious to know if anyone here was familiar with the name/brand and if they knew of a parts source.



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Welcome to the Stak:wave:. Never heard that name myself, but there are some pretty sharp folks on this site with a lot more experience. I have a soft spot for old compressors too, they sure don't build them the same anymore. Get a few pics of that compressor, it will help get a few more replies. Pacific Compressors has been able to get me parts for some old compressors.


I was planning on posting some pics today. Was surfing the inter web last night and found a similar one, but its a Campbell-Hausfeld Paint-Maid ebay item number 271567289084 if anyone is interested.


Looks like a paint spray compressor. The similarity with the Campell and the "CH" in the model number probably indicate them as the likely manufacturer.

As for "not making 'em like that anymore!" - actually not quite true since Quincy still makes the QR25 series piston compressors (for now) which are essentially unchanged (actually improved) from their 1940's ancestors. And you can still get parts for machines well back into the 60's and sometimes older. Heavy cast iron is not dead - at least in this one small niche market application.