Vintage Earth Moving Demonstrations & Vintage Equipment Show

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Join the Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Heritage Society of Canada on August 18-19th 2012 for Earthmoving and Roadbuilding Vintage Equipment Show, in Devon, Alberta, Canada.

Throughout the weekend you will see:

 Vintage earthmoving equipment demonstrations
 Horse-powered grading and excavating
 Horse-drawn rides and transportation
 Grading and excavating with antique gasoline-powered equipment 1920s to 1930s
 Diesel-powered crawler tractors, scrapers, graders and haulers from 1930s to 1980s including Raygo Giant grader (105,000 lbs) and Cat 777 85-ton rock truck
 Excavators (rope operated) at work. Shovels, draglines, backhoes including Canadian built Dominion 500 shovel
 Excavators (hydraulic) including Hopto H1900, America’s largest hydraulic excavator in 1972
 Pipelining equipment. Sideboom tractors and specialized pipe handling machines from Calgary contractor Henuset, including the 168-ton Henuset Polar Bear, one of the world’s largest ditching machines.
 Static displays of vintage equipment
 View an operating 1920s road camp and cookhouse
 Kid’s construction zone with sandbox and hands-on toys

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