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Vise help


Picked this vise up lately. Previous owner beat the front so badly that it cracked (caved in) the frame.

Can it be welded or should I just donate it to china?

It is never going to see any hard use - maybe I can just drill a hole and use a bolt and nut to secure the crack.



You can always try to braze or silver solder it, how long it will last is another question. Ixne on welding, it will most likely just crack more/again.


Appears to be made of low grade Chinesium cast iron.
Cracking too extensive for reasonable repair, even for light duty work.
Buy similar at Harbor Fright for around $60 and use this one for a boat anchor.

slip knot

While I cant disagree that its cheap chineseum potmetal that probably should be on the next scrap boat headed back. I see a learning experience here.
If it was mine, I'd drill the end, V the crack a bit, throw it on the gas grill for a few hours at max heat and then try welding it up. I bought 10lbs of nickle rod a while back, maybe try brazing. I've even watched a Utube of some guy running mig wire into cast. Whatcha got to lose other than a little time and some materials. That's how I learn the best, trial and error.


Preheat and nickel rod. Been there, done that. (My trial and error) Worked great with good old American cast iron. Failed miserably with the Chinesium. Must be all the impurities.


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When I was a little nipper Pa bought home a vice from work that had suffered the same outcome. First get the guy that does this type of work out of the workshop permanently so it doesn't happen again. Using a vice as an anvil will never end well.
Back to the vice I know of. When Pa showed me his new 8" vice with a big grin on his dial I asked about the repair/weld/braze on the back jaw. Well once it broke Pa grabbed it and took it to the blacksmiths shop and got them to heat it up and then he applied his craft of using bronze to do the repair. It was chiselled out by hand before the repair was done as technology had been basic back then (over 50 years back now) for repairing but that vice is still in use in my shed now. I must admit that I use the vice as what it was intended for but from time to time I do look for a small anvil for flogging things out on.