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Vivian 5hp

Matt Montague

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Hello Peter,
It is getting increasing harder to find marine engines that have not been in the salt water. It sure looks like you have found a solid piece of Western Canadian History. I am sure that they are not many around that are that nice.
Thank you for sharing.


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Nice one! I have No.2145, and the plate off No.2142. From the numbers I have logged over the years, I'd say your engine dates to just before WWII. Wico AP magneto?
These used a Fordson conrod latterly and there was an old car parts dealer in Vancouver that had dozens of those rods rebabbited in the boxes from whatever "Connecting Rod Service Co." it was. I bought some from him, but when I went back for more he'd said he'd sold the lot to someone from Pakistan where such Fordson tractors were still in regular use.

Did you get any history on the engine?