Walker Turner Drill Press ID?


I picked up this odd drill press for $10 today to go with my Walker Turner bandsaw. Does anyone recognize the model? Where would the model or serial number be located on this drill? From the color used on the logo, I believe this is dated before 1948. Its bolted to a 1.5"x18"x22" aluminum plate, surely that isn't the original base? Another issue is pulley diameters are such that the belt always rubs on the post. There are the usual step pulleys on both ends. It seems the spindle can't have a larger step pulley because of the shroud and increasing the step pulley size on the motor would make it spin faster than it already does. It runs real smooth and quiet. Kind of wish it had an adjustable height table rather than moving the whole head up and down.



Re: Walker Turner drill press ID?

I believe the ones with the moveable head were used on the gang drills, the cast iron tables were commonly repurposed for welding tables. The moveable tables frequently have model# in underside of casting, but that unit never had that option so not sure where else to find a M#.

Not sure how to fix the rubbing belt issue other than to move the head to top off mast and add a moving table. Oh yeah, at $10 you stole it!

Here is a gang drill setup https://www.ebay.com/itm/Walker-Turner-6-head-gang-production-drill-press-6-spindle-w-cast-iron-table/142930474544?hash=item214751f630:g:a2AAAOSwDLVbko~O


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Re: Walker Turner drill press ID?

I would mount a couple of rollers either side of the post to clear it and away you go.