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Walking Beam Steam Engine

dave stevena

hi Peter

what happened was those lifting cables acted like a wire cheese cutter and when pressure was applied the cable cut right through the hull. One of the cables was at the location in front of the engines. When they tried to lift the hull the entire paddle wheel, and engines broke up and fell back into the river. At this point in the salvage is when the doctor was lost. So the story goes. This just seems odd that everything was later salvaged but not the steam pump.
without this doctor pump feeding the boilers the entire system would not work.

It is possible from the original salvage operation to the time the National Parks took ownership of the Cairo 12 years passed.
So within that 12 year span someone could have salvaged the doctor and it is now yard art or in a barn someplace.

dave stevena

To reconstruct a working model of the doctor based on the National Parks drawing proves to be quite difficult unless you really know how such a steam pump works and all the parts involved. The drawing is very basic and lacks the piping and connections.
I am a CAD draftsman and I can do 3D model building if I had an example to work from. I have search every steam engine museum in North America and so far have not found any example that looks like the drawing. I have found similar doctor engines but nothing exactly like the drawing.

Take for example these red columns in the drawing with the blue valves.

what I am doing is constructing a rough model with no details. I will add all the details later once I know how it all works.

something like adding the details in the columns will be done once the actual structure is correct.

I do not see how the red columns tie into the system, there is no inlet or out let to the red columns shown on the drawing. It sets on the bed plate and at the top is the supporting structure for the walking beam. https://www.smokstak.com/forum/images/smilies/shrug.gif