WARNING: Infected Maytag web site

Andrew Mackey

DO NOT OPEN THIS SITE!!!:rant: Maytag Collecters Club I tried to open this site, in order to obtain serial # info for a fellow stak member. My computer was immediately hit with 3 trojan horse viruses and several malware listings.:bonk: All infected programs had to be quarentined. Don't go there!

Danny J

New member
Yes my brother M Pavlik tried to go to the site last night and his computer got slammed to!:rant:

Keep in mind I just did 3 days of slow dialup downloads to fix and upgrade his windows software then this happens. Norton caught all but one virus, that took a complete scan to kill it! Another hour of my time wasted because of a dirtbag(s).

P.S. one of the reasons he needed a windows upgrade was for a 1 week old Kodiac printer, when the update was finished guess what the printer's ink jets were clogged with dry ink!:rant:

He is now sporting a new HP printer and it works!

Gene O. Carpenter

eMail NOT Working
That's the site that messed me up so bad a few months back! Was so bad I still have some issues to deal with & am awaiting my youngest son, David, to do the re-format for me.


Marc P

New member
I just got off the phone with Zach Northway, the secretary of the Maytag Collectors club. He didn't have a clue as to anything going wrong with the site, this is the first time he's heard about any problem at all. He said he would check into it and see what he can do to get the problem fixed.

It may be able to be fixed quickly very soon, but I myself reccomend waiting until Portland is over to be safe. If I don't hear anything from him in a few days, I will call back and see what's up.

The Maytag Collectors Club is by no means trying to do any harm to anyone, or anyone's equipment and is only trying to preserve just another small part of important American (and abroad) history.

Some people don't much care for Maytags, and hopefully this will not add to the negativity. I am just a member, I hold no title, and do not get any special treatment. What I do get is a long list of some good people, who care about the old iron hobby, even if they are Maytags, to keep the history going.

Gene O. Carpenter

eMail NOT Working
When I ran across it, on Google I think, I thought it was a nice site and the after clicking around the different links my pc started acting up. Don't remember which one started it , but one did. I sorta thought it was just that 1 bad link that ruined the whole site.
Hope he gets it fixed soon!