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Waterloo Gas engine Postcard Waterloo Iowa 1910

Jim Martin

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I picked this postcard up the other day and all it has on the back is Waterloo Gas Engine ,Waterloo Iowa 1910 ,it appears to be workers from the factory but I'm not sure,maybe someone can help me? Maybe someone on here recognizes someone in the photo if its big enough?:shrug::I could blow it up at work today to 300% and you could see it good then! The men are standing in front of some bleachers and their all ages and appear to have work cloth's on,some of them their hands even look dirty.At least they don't look like football players!


Rich Mueller Sr

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Some muscle bound lads there, especially the one with the handle bar mustache on right in center, be a bad one to pick a fight with ,probably drive a fellow into the ground like a fence post ,LOL, neat seeing the old pic,s of the hats, mustaches and clothes they wore back then,, Thanks....