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Waukesha FC Starter Spacer Needed

Larry Wolden

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Well, since I first posted about needing parts for the Waukesha FC that I needed, I got direction from members on where to get gaskets, as well as parts and service manuals. I found a rebuilt starter and water pump. I even bought an identical "donor" Power Unit for the bulk of the extra parts I need.

I am in need of one part that I have not been able to find. Waukesha, in their infinite wisdom, saw fit to have a spacer between the starter and the block. The Waukesha P/N is BE-269-A. Does ANYONE have a spacer for this starter they would be willing to sell? I really appreciate any leads you may have.

Bud Tierney

It looks like just a piece of metal in my parts book...If nothing turns up, try the Hist Soc to see if they have the length of the spacer; if they do, you might be able to cut one out of a piece of aluminum stock or something similar.
Arrowengine.com continued and/or supports some Wauks; don't think the FC was on their list but emailing is free.
FC's were in almost everything: IH trucks (oldihc.com), tractors (a few AC, Case, misc Combines (old tractor forum here/sites), Lift trucks etc (hcea.net), innumerable power units, railcars (narcoa.org) as nauseum...
Maybe someone with one will measure theirs for you...Good luck.