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Waukesha Hesselman Generator


I stumbled on this on Craigslist Spokane Washington.
It is not exactly listed correctly. Here is what I know:

The engine is a Waukesha 130HL made from 1940 to 1949 is a spark ignited diesel and have been told it runs. The generator is a Century ARC-365Y-S 1200 rpm, but I can't find anything that line up with those numbers.

I attached the one picture I have and a response letter from the Waukesha Engine Historical Society. If anybody is interested you might follow up on the Craigslist ad.


Bud Tierney

These are fascinating engines altho the terminology is somewhat confused..
Actually it's a sparkplug ignited oil burning engine; started on gas and switched over to diesel or whatever fuel, not a "diesel" that fires by compression pressure...compression on these was standard gasoline compression for the day, fired by a special hi-tens mag and special sparkplugs generally NLA, but I understand some natural gas engine plugs work...
(My apologies, Dennis, for nit-picking).
More popular in Europe where fuel taxes higher on gasoline than oil fuels.
Even more fascinating than the engine is Cummins making gensets with them...


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Wow, an actual Century generator? As in the Century of repulsion start motor fame? The feet on the generator sure look like it! That's really cool, and REALLY rare!


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I used to own the set in the above thread, had to sell it when I moved from NY to Co. It always ran great and made power fine, even though I never did get a voltage regulator for it, just adjusted it with a rheostat.

Starting is easy, it should have a small gas tank with a hand pump to give it a shot of gas. With the fuel pump in the run position you just crank it (with the starter I hope) and it should start, in cold weather it may need a shot or two from the hand pump to keep it going till it gets a little heat in it. They do smoke a little and smell odd, even when warmed up good.

If you want you can send me your phone number in a private message and I can help.

It surprises me that another one has surfaced.



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So did you buy it? The engine was made about 90 miles from where I live,

just think of all the manufacturers of small engines, generator, equipment, ect, made in Wisconsin over the years!