Wayne 6163HG Compressor Pump Rebuild


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I hope someone can help me out?
I recently picked up a vintage wayne Compressor. It had not run in 20 years.
When I inspected it I could feel play in the connecting rod bearings. I took it appart and soon discovered why the compressor was moved to a corner of the garage. One halve of the bearing inserts for the connecting rod of the big first stage piston was completely gone. I found a source for the bearing so I wil try to rebuild the pump. The surface of the crankpin is a litle bit scored so to do a good job I wil have to have it grinded. There ar shims to regulate the bearing play. Can I conpensate the los of material of the regrinding with these shims?
There dont seem to be oversize bearing inserts. There is also play at the gudgeon pin in the piston. The pin is secured in the connecting rod by a bolt,so it only moves in the piston pin bore. they are steel pistons. I was thinking about trying to place some bushing here but dont know if this is possible. Would it be a issue that there is play here? I know normaly there must be no play at al.
Wil try to post some pictures later.



You may be able to just have that crank journal micropolished. Removes minimal material and leaves a good surface.

Don't forget to inspect and hydro-test the tank before putting it into service. :brows: