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We bought another corn binder...

Caleb Carpenter

Internationals before they sold out and became navistar are in my opinion some of the best quality trucks built. Probably the only cabs where with alittle oil the doors close tight and dont rattle. The drivetrains are pretty much the same as all other brands.

350 Cummins bigcam II, 15speed underdrive with overdrive in mainbox (4-5th gears flipped), 2 speed auxiliary trans, 65,000lb and 35,000lb main winches, pole winch. All new line, new poles, mostly new snatch blocks, winches and pto's rebuilt.
I tinker with the a/c and have it running again.

It was cheap and ive been around the truck for 10 years at my place of employment. Plus we keep exceeding the limits of our little chevrolet truck. One can never have a big enough winch truck!



Those old Paystars weren't much in the looks department but they weren't supposed to be. They were put under cement mixers, dump bodies, you name any industrial application for a truck and a Paystar could be put to good use. Sounds like yours was set up to be a real powerhouse in some unforgiving circumstances. Glad you saved her.