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Webster Magneto Identification



I have a Webster magneto and am trying to identify the model. The band is long gone. Only thing unique I can tell about the mag is that it has two magnets. Is this enough information for anybody to identify the model. Thanks.


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Clean the bottom of the magneto. You should find a number like 100K or 100M. I believe that the letter designates the model of the magneto. I could be wrong, but my M magnetos say 100M on the bottom, and my K magnetos say 100K on the bottom so it is my conclusion that the letter that follows the number 100 is the model. This is just my observation. I'm sure the mag men will have a better way of determining the model.

Gary Pflum

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Two other quick ways to find out if it is a M or K is to measure the mounting bolt pattern (1 1/2 x 2 inches for the M) or if the band is there and cannot be read or missing, measure the band width. The M band is 13/16 wide. The K band width is 1 inch.