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Westinghouse Static Ground Detector


I'm hoping someone in this forum can help me. Many years ago, I rescued a Westinghouse Three Phase Static Ground Detector from destruction when an old substation was being demolished. It's a 2200 volt unit, and still works. I'm trying to determine if it has any collector value. I can take more pictures if anyone is interested, and any help will be greatly appreciated.


Larry Rusch

There may be some interest. Westinghouse was big on 2 phase - 5 wire systems well into the 20th century. Also 2200 volts was a Westinghouse standard for factory distribution systems. Your 3 phase unit with those early patent dates may be some of the first units they utilized in their 3 phase substations. They used Scott yokes to switch 2 phase to 3 phase and vice versa throughout their facilities when 3 Phase took over. Cheaper than replacing all that 2 phase equipment.