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What H P electric motor on 9 South bend


Down through the years, I owned a couple of SB 9 lathes and both had 1/2 hp motors on them. I replaced one with a 3/4 hp because I had one and the original needed bushings. I may still have the original motor.

I sometimes wish I had the second one back--it was a 9C with 2 chucks, faceplate, taper attachment and was in really good shape.
I purchased it from the original owner, a basket manufacturing plant, where it had been bought new in 1947. I even had the original shipping invoice and order from South Bend. I was sure that I needed "bigger" and newer, but it was a good light machine.

I guess hind sight is still 20/20.


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A half-horse cut will be more than you really wanna do with an SB9... so that'll be sufficient.

If you're going to work it, consider a low power VFD and a 1/2hp 3 phase motor... you'll get full variable speed at your fingertips.:salute:


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On flat-belt drives a general rule of thumb is 1HP/Inch-width of belt.
The two SB9s I have both have 3/4" belts. I'll have to check the specs, one might even be on the original motor.
The other is on a 3phase 1.5HP, way more than it needs but it was the closest motor to hand when the old one died, so that's what went on!