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What is a Subscriber?

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Why be a Subscriber or a Supporter?

In the early days of EnginAds, a subscriber was one who wanted to receive instant email notices of classified ads as they came in. That advanced to the old SmokStak and then it was an on and off deal depending upon whether or not it was affecting our server performance by sending out that much email.

Today, a subscriber is someone who annually supports this web site with direct contributions, whether in large or small amounts. One of the new features of this bulletin board package is the ability to set up user groups and privilege levels. As a way of saying thank you for supporting the web site, subscribers are bumped up one level in site privileges.

The group levels are; Banned, Guest, Email not confirmed, Registered, Subscriber, Supporter, Sponsor, Moderator and Administrator.

These levels and the features that go with them are so extensive that I had to set up a spread sheet to keep track of them! It also took me quite a while to configure all of the groups!

The major differences between Registered and Subscriber are; Turning off Google ads; editing your own posts; increased space for photo attachments; the ability to Post Polls, upload an avatar, and have a signature; extra private messaging space; access to post in a personal photo gallery and increased chat room privileges. Become a Subscriber <--- Click Here

As to "subscribing" to email notices of new threads and posts, that is now included on Registered, but this could change depending upon server email load.
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