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What Lathe Tooling Do I Need


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Re: What Lathe tooling do I need

Wait 'til I tell Dee that "I know something" and I got it in writing.....

Thank you so much.

P.S. I also know the difference between a 'rule' and a 'ruler', some don't!


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Well today while waiting for a customer to front up I had a play with setting up the tool post. With all the great advise offered I mounted the parting off tool as close to the tool post as possible, reset the height by 2 different methods, aligning the cutting edge with the live centre but also using the cutting edge and the metal rule against the work. I could not believe that the check made using the metal rule confirmed my setting with the live centre so I was happy with that. Time to give it a run and the difference is simply amazing, No digging in at all and no worries about a slow but constant winding in of the cross slide to part the material off.
Thank you to every one who made suggestions that has been great advise and hopefully I can retain it. This now makes it safer to use and more enjoyable than before.

Thank you. :wave:

I like oldstuff

An add on to this thread:

I use the AXA size tool holders on my small lathe that use 1/2 inch tall cutoff blades. I've used the T shaped blades on larger machines as they are relieved below the cutting edge and are virtually bind proof due to that feature. They also have a concave top surface that helps hold the blade on center.

I finally found them for the AXA size holder and they work exceedingly well with no side to side drift tendency. They're available in several widths too. *Be sure to calculate a shim thickness to hold the blade upright in your tool holder. I just built up thicknesses of paper and sandwiched them between the lower part of tool side and the holder.


Not totally cheap but man do they work. I bought two, and with freight it was about $48. Definitely worth the buy and you'll love them. You can crank them in sooo fast and they build a proper spiral chip. Lots of lube of course. Home page: https://www.icscuttingtools.com/