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What parts do you need?

Paul Spence

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Right now, nothing for the 4HP Titan S/S :shrug: . What parts I needed I found by just placing a wanted ad here on Harry's ;). Sometimes it takes a couple of postings :uhoh: , but folks come through :D .

Scott Kocher

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:wave: i need a 6" belt pulley for a tom thumb or for a 1hp famous hopper cooled #g G6618 i think they are the same

Joel Mosley

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I need a piston, rod, crankshaft block, ignitor, 2 flywheels, crank gear, sideshaft gear, sideshaft, governor, tag, oiler, detent, mixer and any other loose parts for a Shawd engine. Dreaming.

I really need a Head for a 5 HP Fairbanks Bulldog Oil Engine. It is a HVID Engine or a parts engine.

I also need the following for a 4-5 Barrie Sideshaft.

Ignitor, Ignitor trip, mixer, fuel pump and muffer.



Matthew Guy Clarke

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I am still wanting parts,or pictures even,for the Desmoines engine,missing - intake,detent,rocker arm,piston and rod.See Wendals BYB,page in the 120s,or thread under less than 10 known engines for picture of this one. I know at least one is out there,it was at Waukee,35 years ago,it may be tagged Monarch,I do not know if it is the same.
other needed parts, Famous 3 hp,verticle,waterpump,timming gear,head,cam fallower,fuel pump,pulley with 5" C-C. Buzz saw pulley,6" C-C,and belt tightener. Battery box,and water tank.I have found some parts,but am looking for more cost saving. Maybe as a last part,would I pay so.
FBM walking beam,for 2 hp Jack of All Trades.
Jack Junior carb,I have a casting.
Sharples 2 hp ? ,piston and rod,igniter,
Monitor 6-7 hp verticle battery box,muffler,cast iron sliding rails for buzz saw,and Flywheel,small style,saw pulley.Hopper cover.
Rock Island 4-5 hp carb,there was one at Sargeant Friday,but gone Saturday, connecting rod,with 14 1/4" C-C.
I have a 1 1/2 hp Montgomery Wards,that use's the throttle governed carb,I need a carb,and cam gear,I am making castings of them.
I am working on a 2 1/2 hp Aermotor,I cast the carb,and main bearing cap for,I need a fluted hopper for it.I also need a Webster mag brackect. I found a muffler on a Deere,and the big sale,at Fairbalt Mn.
I know there are a lot of parts out there,and know where some are,but people like to hold onto their parts,for trade,or hope of finding an engine. It might make a good thread to name all the spare parts you sold,that you now need,or a thread of all the spare parts laying around,not every thing has been on ebay.
I do for sale,wanted adds,some times it works. I have some where in a bucket,I am sure,an original FJ rocker arm.


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I have a head bolt for a 10 hp Famous. I need everything else.
If you don't have that I have a 3 hp M that I need the 4 bolt hand hole cover, rocker arm spring, pivot bolt for the cam follower, mag gear, and fuel pump.

Kevin Aarestad

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I need an exhaust elbow (manifold) for a 15 hp mogul stationary 9208T
(exhaust exit on bottom, heat tube on top)
Or does anyone have patterns to cast one?
Any leads appreciated, Thanks..Kevin

Jason Dahm

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I could use an original armature cover for a Motsinger Auto Sparker and also a set of rear wheel lugs for a 20-40 Rumely G tractor. Any leads appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jason.


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Fuel tanks, fuel tanks and fuel tanks:

1, 1-3/4 & 2-1/2 HP Moguls
6 HP FMZ Plugo....mixer as well for this.

Kinda surprised there were no tank suppliers in Portland a few weeks ago....guess I gotta make another trip.


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i am after the following parts if anyone can help!

crankshaft for a 2 1/2 h.p type B christensen

valve gear for a old style 2 hp lambert

muffler for a 4 hp ohio

pushrod and govenor latch assembly for a W model stover

2 bolt ignitor and trip mechanism for a 4hp frisco standard

all the valve train and govenor parts for a stewart little major

gear drive magneto setup that bolts on behind the hopper for a 2.5 hp famous horizontal